"That’s the juicy part to know, this is where the real power lives…"

Daily Meds #1, This Too Shall Pass

Daily Meds #1: This Too Shall Pass

Try this medication out: Read the title above once again, while first placing your attention inside your heart, so that you can hear it land in there.

Did you do it?

Now try it again while first placing your attention inside your belly this time.

So, what happened in there?

Say it once again, though now with enough slowness that you can quietly hear the words inside your head, ‘This too shall pass."

In any of these inside places—heart, belly, head—did you notice the power of what I'm pointing you to?

It's often said there's power in words, but the truth is the power is not within the words, it’s not in the letters that combine to make phonetic sounds, it's in the inside places where the words can land, it’s in the vibrations that words become sound, sound that must be heard, even when the sound comes from thoughts alone.

Words are inactive, as they need a listener, a speaker, a receiver, to gain any potency.  Delivering and receiving is where the true power lives.

Did you notice that?

Pay attention to those bodily places where the words can land, where the word rise from, as there is no real value in words otherwise.

So, speak it or think it once again : "This too shall pass."

Did you notice something stir?  What did you notice that lets you know that something stirred?  And what I mean by 'notice' is just that:  to notice, not think nor analyze.  This is powerful skill to learn, to think less and notice more.

Noticing in this way will help you define it more.  And by 'define' I mean this:  to gather up what arose, which only gathers when given enough noticing time.  [1: read]

After you notice just enough, you'll see that something else will want to arise next. Something asking for something more.

Is that a strange thing you've just read?  That what arises, when gathered up enough, will soon be asking for something more?

Maybe it’s simply asking for a next breath? [2: read]

Then notice that, and take that next breath, and then notice what comes next. There's a rhythm in all of this, it’s just like a dance. [3: read]

So, pay attention to that, both the dance itself and the changes that each step brings.  These are subtle things.  You’ll need to go slow to sense and know what I’m pointing towards and mean.

If you like, spend some more time continuing in this way, noticing what arises after these words land in a bodily way, in her belly, heart, and head: "This too Shall Pass."

Step by step, something comes, and when it completes itself, then something more is sure to follow that. [4: read]

This is just how it is, this is the flow of life.  We all can pay a bit more attention to that from time to time. 


  1. To 'notice’ happens at a slower pace than 'thinking' typically does, making 'thinking' less powerful and more reactive than ’noticing’ usually is.  Often, having rapid thoughts feels out of control, and often rapid thinking blocks out deeper emotions which have stirred.  Another way to say this is, it's often deep emotions that fuels rapid thinking.

  2. Between each of your inhales & exhales, an impulse occurs.  Can you sense for it?  Noticing after an inhale fills, there comes an impulse that lets you know it's done; and then next an impulse follows that to release with an exhale of the breath, and then the release itself will occur, and then a next impulse when that is done, asking for the next breath to begin, and then a next breath begins to flow in, and on it goes.  Can you become aware enough to notice each impulse of this dance of breath?   Practicing doing so makes breathing a meditation, and that’s a really powerful skill to learn.

  3. Sometimes the breath's dance is a waltz, or a tango, sometimes hip hop, or jazz, or just rocking out, depending on the circumstances.  In every case, pay attention so you can notice what your dancing breath is asking for.

  4. When an impulse doesn't complete itself, and for any reason this occurs, then it will live on inside of you in a very different way than if it had completed itself, and will impact you accordingly. Bodily tensions and aches are strong indications that this has occurred.  You can read more about that right here.