"The pharmacy is always open, and both the pharmacist and customer is you…"

Daily Meds Explained

Daily Meds: What Are They?

The molecules swimming throughout your body and brain, are actually part of a full-service pharmacy living inside of you.

Some of these molecules are really good at letting you know just how potent they are. They’re the ones most involved in your state of mind, or what you more commonly call your ‘mood’. 

What these mood shaping molecules share in common is that they respond to how you live. In this way, how you live is akin to taking a prescription, a prescription that either supports or hinders your sense of wellbeing signaled by your mood.

With that in mind, here's what I want you to know:  The pharmacy is always open, and the pharmacist, as well as the customer, are both you. Just think how much power and control over your mood and wellbeing that gives you…

So, what kind of prescription do you wish to fill?  

Now, think carefully about this, because being thoughtful and intentional is what will make all the difference to you.
Thinking intentionally can lead to taking a proper dosage of 'right action’, such as: taking regular and sufficient sleep, and consuming good nutrition, too; engaging in some form of stretching, and muscle toning, as well as cardio activities as often as you can, especially as you age; and exploring new things, or learning new skills, and reading a lot to exercise your brain, which is also especially important as you age; and building authentic honest relationships, as this provides a mega-mega dose of what brings your mood into your optimal zone, as well.

Another super-mega dose comes from developing a practice of MindfulnessMeditation. Both of these pactices are powerful ways to make positive use of your pharmacy, as they will activate the molecules which alter and enhance your mood.

To clarify:  Mindfulness arises the moment you bring your attention into the present moment; and Meditation is pointing & focusing your awareness towards something that you chose, and doing so for some duration of time.  Mindfulness & Meditation practices will be a central topic of this blog series I playfully, but earnestly, call Daily Meds—as Mindfulness & Meditation are natural medicines.

Each article in this series will be written with a certain flow, paced for you reflection, and will include some guided practices to explore.  That said, there's a real challenge in ‘reading' guided practices while ‘doing' them at the same time, as it's much easier to listen to someone speaking it aloud for you.  So maybe, when you come across a guided practice you wish to explore, you will first record yourself reading it aloud, and then settle in to listen to your own voice as you follow along.   

My goal for this series is to support you in ‘knowing-by-experiencing' that you have so much more control over your state of mind than you might ever 'think' you do.  In fact, you may have even noticed that sometimes the effects of 'thinking' is what’s mucking things up for you?  You can read more about that right here.

I’d also like to invite you to take this very very seriously.  Why?  Because the reality of your life is this: Your body & mind always knows the truth of how the pharmacists is running the pharmacy—which of course you now know means you.

Daily Meds are meant to help you keep your pharmacy well stocked and well used—because if not by you, then who?