"The pharmacy is always open, and both the pharmacist and customer is you…"

Daily Meds Explained

Daily Meds: What Are They?

The molecules that swim throughout your body and brain, are actually a living pharmacy inside of you.

And certain of those molecules are really good at letting you know just how potent they are. They’re the ones most involved in your State of Mind, or what is more commonly referred to as your mood.

Some are more well known by name than others, like Dopamine and Serotonin, and GABA, and maybe you've even heard of Oxytocin and Norepinephrine, too.  Whether you know it or not, all of these molecules are the natural ingredients which stock the pharmacy shelves which lives inside of you.

But here's what I really really want you to know:  The pharmacy is always open, and both the pharmacist and the customer are you!

So what kind of prescription do you wish to fill?  Think carefully about this, because you do this every day anyway.

Consider a dose of 'right action' by prescribing yourself the following mood enhancing medications: Take regular and sufficient sleep, and consume good nutrition, too; do some form of stretching as well as cardio activities as often as you can, especially as you age; and be sure to try new things, learn a new skill, and read a lot to exercise your brain, also especially true as you age; and be sincerely intentional in building authentic honest relationships, as this provides a mega-mega dose of what keeps you well.  This basic prescription is just a starter kit, as there are many other wellness options you can chose to use.

But here's the deal:  Do not doubt that the opposite of using a prescription like this, in whatever dose you can, leads to the opposite of wellness too.  Ouch.

Another super-mega dose comes from developing a practice to meditate.  A meditation practice is a powerful way to make use of your pharmacy, and to leverage inner-powers that enhance your mood.  Mindfulness and meditation practices will be a central topic in this series I playful, but earnestly, call Daily Meds.

To clarify, mindfulness comes the moment you place your attention in the present moment, and meditation is when you do this for some amount of time—there are many forms and systems of meditation, but they all have this central ingredient of placing your attention in the present moment over some duration of time.

Each post in this series will be written with a certain flow, meant to be paced for your reflection, and will include some guided imagery or meditations for you to play with 'within' your own mind.  That said, there is a challenge to learning a guided meditation or imagery practice from reading, as it's much easier to listen to someone speak it to you out loud.  So maybe, when you come across a guided meditation you wish to explore, you will record yourself speaking it first, then settle in as you listen and follow along. 

My goal for this series is to support you in ‘knowing-by-experiencing' that you have so much more control over your State of Mind than you might ever 'think' you do.  In fact, sometimes it's the limitations of 'thinking' that really muck things up for us. You can read more about that right here.

I’d also like to invite you to take this very very seriously.  Why?  Because the reality of your life is this: Your body/mind always knows the truth of how the pharmacists is running the pharmacy—which of course you now know means you.

Daily Meds are meant to help you keep your pharmacy well stocked and well used—because if not by you, then who?