"Change comes from new permissions for what once was not allowed…"

Blog Introduction: For the Elvis In You

For The Elvis In You

What made Elvis, Elvis?  Was it songs of blue suede shoes, the black-slicked hair and velvet voice, the swinging hips at a time when such things were thought lascivious and indecent by some, yet desired and loved by so many others?  Sure.

But here's what I propose:  What made Elvis, with all his warts and glory, was that no one had seen him coming, and no one quite knew where things were going once he had arrived, and by breaking certain molds he pushed the times forward.

Elvis was an Agent of Change.

And from this change, some folks were kicking and screaming in revolt, while others were shouting out in more delighted ways.  And that's what change can do—it can bring to the surface a polarity of feelings, from fear to joy.

Fear of change often brings up tension, and freedom from such tension brings a joy when a deep yearning can finally push through.  Change comes with new permission for what once was not allowed, by relinquishing older familiar rules, habits and ways that no longer serve a useful purpose.

There are those rare public figures who bring change at a global scale, while most of us have more private ones to explore.  Change can happen at any scale of life, and personal change is large for the person who creates it, feels it, lives it, even when only they or those who know them witness it.  There is something deep and touching no matter the scale when it occurs, for when it does people are moved and life is transformed.

Private scale change is what I intend to support here in my blog—ones useful for your everyday.  What you won't find here are '10 To-Do's for Becoming a Happier You' or '5 Sure Fire Ways to Keep Love Burning Hot' nor other tips & tricks for successful living, as there are plenty of other places to read such things.  In my experience, 'Tips & Tricks' tend to fade away after all...

My biggest challenge as I begin to blog, is that I'm most at home when supporting a specific person, in a specific moment, and in a personal face-to-face way—as a therapist—in their process of change, and so writing to an unknown reader is actually quite strange for me.

And while what I write here is certainly not therapy, I believe we all have an agent of change inside to make good use of and to celebrate, and maybe just maybe something I say here will encourage and speak to the one inside of you.

So here we are.

My sincere hope is that you live an enriched life, in however you define that for yourself.  Supporting people in doing just that is the purpose of my work, which is very satisfying for me.  If you have a need to slip into your own blue suede shoes, or strengthen, perhaps even find, your own authentic voice, or are yearning to break free from some outdated and constraining molds, just know that you can count on me.